April Fools Day 2014!

Oh yes, the glory of April Fools on the internet has passed for another year. I can now read my Facebook news feed without



Here is a recap of some of my April 1 favourites from all over the web.

1. Blizzard

Every year I wait with baited breath for wait hilarity these guys will come up with. This year was not a disappointment.


Manrik’s Wife will beat you down… if you can find her

  • Outcasts With combatants such as Manrik’s Wife and the Treasure Goblin from Diablo 3 this game would be so much win). You can also buy a peripheral Fight Stick that comes with a credit card slot.
  • World of Warcraft Patch Notes (Seriously worth the long read, with gems such as;
    As a part of the pre-expansion launch event, reaching the end of the Siege of Orgrimmar raid will now display: “Thank you! But our Garrosh is in another castle.”
    Despite concerns over workers’ rights violations due to unreasonable weather conditions, Arthas has stated that people should let it go, and that he will indeed remain the final boss of Icecrown Citadel. The cold never bothered him anyway”
    “Vampiric Embrace now calls upon a glittery vampire to hold you and tell you he will always protect you, Bella”
  • Draenei remodelling (Yup, she’s fugly)
  • Star Craft 2 new expansion
  • Happy Reaper (a playable flappy bird clone with the Diablo 3 xpac twist)

Cutest Reaper there is

2.Think Geek

They have out done themselves for another year. Make sure you watch some of the products videos, so much win.


I need this… I keep having to borrow my boyfriends beardedness for deep thought.

As in the past some of the April Fools products will probably end up getting made (The Technomancer Hoodie, the Star Wars Tauntuan Sleeping Bag, Canned Unicorn Meat etc.) so will be exciting to see what does make the cut (COME ON FLUX CAPACITOR CAR CHARGER AND STEIN!).

Here is also a really interesting article and video on Think Geek and the business of April Fools thanks to Engadget. http://www.engadget.com/2014/04/01/thinkgeek-april-fools/


EA hawaii

Bioware are hiring for Hawaii! Or not…

Clicking on the link on the their site brings up this. http://www.bioware.com/hehehe.html. Bastards.
Bioware store is in on some April Fools action too


For the loneliest Shepard on the Citadel


So hairy… so manly



4. Vegemite energy drink (Kraft)


The taste would certainly wake you up in the morning

5. The Dairy Kettle Ball phone case


For those epic gym selfies

6. Black Milk Clothing “Twilight” Dresses Team Edward vs Team Jacob


Maybe if the Edward one sparkled. And Jacob had his shirt off….

7. Sega

8.Sony’s Latest Fuel Technology


I would nom these things before anything got charged.

9.Image and Form games Steamworld Real-World Mining Simulator 


I got the Black Lung…

10. Bungie Destiny Ultimate Get Your Ass to Mars Collector’s Edition


The last collectors edition you will ever need

11. Origin boxed


3D Print your own game discs.. even floppy discs #retrocool

12. Razer Eidolon (see your world in cinematic third person!)

13. Domino’s Edibox (I would eat the crap out of this)


I now want pizza. Damn you April Fools marketing ploy!

14. Square Enix Thief meet Final Fantasy

theif april fools

Should of paid attention in Japanese class at school.

15. JINX Exxxxxtreme Gaming Products


Cutting down on that wasted time doing things like “cooking” in gaming session.

16. CD Projekt RED Witcher 3 MoCap “gone wrong”

17.Respawn Titanfall Optimus Prime DLC

and APRIL FAIL goes to Frostbite

which lead to EA apologising.

Leave links to any of your favourites I may have missed in the comments below!